The problem with family ministry

Over recent years there has been a resurgence in family ministry; churches have been employing people as family ministry specialists, resources have been created and research has been done. I've read books and attended several conferences on the topic but while I fully understand the importance of the church engaging with families, I remain uneasy... Continue Reading →

Needing space to breathe

I was sat in a team meeting about forward planning some of our work a few weeks ago and, despite having been the one to say we needed the meeting, I found myself advocating for us to put the breaks on, to not fill the 2019 diary with stuff already but to leave it a... Continue Reading →

Knowledge or Encounter?

Over time God appears to have inadvertently become a series of stories we need to enable children and young people to know about rather than someone we need to introduce them to and show them how to have a relationship with. We seem to have gotten caught up in rationality thinking we need to use... Continue Reading →


A new year has dawned, we are now in 2018. A new year just like any other except in Scotland 2018 is the Year of Young People. A whole year to focus on young people. Set by the Scottish Government a few years ago they say that the Year of Young People 2018 is an... Continue Reading →

The keynote challenge

Over recent years I've had quite a number of people asking what their church, having few or no children and young people, can do.  Most are asking the question from a state of anguish at the declining numbers and a desire to see that change, albeit they don't know what that they should do to... Continue Reading →

Scrambled eggs & strawberry jam!

Some foods and flavours are just meant to go together and so have us quickly ordering them off the menu - chocolate and orange, roast beef and yorkshire puddings, pasta and cheese.  Other combinations are on first glance a tad strange and have us wondering at the menu for a bit longer trying to work... Continue Reading →

Deficit vs. Abundance

I have an affinity with statistics.  They are what got me through my maths A-level in one piece.  They cropped up again in different guises in both of my degrees - there was something particularly appealing to me when combining mapping and statistics through the use of geographical information systems.  Since then they have been... Continue Reading →

A voice to be heard

I'm on my way back from attending 'the Conversation' in Canterbury. Designed as a conference to help reimagine ministry with children and young people, it drew delegates from across the UK. Over the 2 days we heard from speakers from Canada, US, Australia, South Africa, England and Scotland and shared in many conversations. I left... Continue Reading →

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